News on Oakland Airport concession workers struggling for justice on the job.

7/6/12: We Fly for Justice at OAK!

Rally for Good Jobs at OAK!
Friday, July 6, 11 am – 1 pm
Oakland Airport Terminal 2

MY NAME IS LIAM. I’m 24. This is my wife Erica and our 4-year-old daughters Li’ah and Li’eriah.

I work at the Subway in the Oakland Airport, and other Subway locations under the same managers. I WORK SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. Sometimes I go 2 months without a day off. I’ve never seen a dime of overtime. I barely have time to see my kids.

I HAVE NO HEALTH BENEFITS. When my girls get sick, I’m praying they get better on their own because I can’t take them to the doctor.

There are about 80 workers like me, employees of non-union food service subtenants at OAK. Airport food service workers that are union members get health care, fair schedules and RESPECT. We don’t have any of that. WE’RE LIKE THE SECOND-CLASS CITIZENS OF THE AIRPORT.

Now we are organizing to demand our rights! We want our bosses to agree to a fair process for us to decide if we want to join the union.

My managers found out I was organizing my co-workers. Within the week, they’d cut my regular work hours, taken me off the schedule for two days, and given me a final warning. But that didn’t stop me.

My co-workers and I are standing up for a better life. STAND WITH US!

Background on workers at the Oakland Airport