12/20: Holiday Picket at Castlewood

Holiday-Themed Castlewood Picket!

Thursday, December 20.  8:00am – 9:30am

Castlewood Country Club, Valley Course

Brothers and sisters, the fight at Castlewood is not over yet!  Yes, the workers are back on the job, but they have not yet received any back pay (which the union estimates to be $1.8 million) nor do they have a fair contract moving forward.

December 20th is the day before Castlewood would have to file an appeal, if they choose to continue dragging out the legal process with the National Labor Relations Board.  For those who missed it, an administrative law judge with the NLRB ruled back in August that Castlewood had been illegally locking out the workers for 2 years.

Our message is simple:  Pay your WORKERS not your lawyers!

We will have holiday themed snacks, and there may even be a guest appearance by the Grinch!

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Si se puede!

UNITE HERE! Local 2850

Rally this Thursday at Port of Oakland!

THIS THURSDAY!  Rally and Speak-Out

December 6, 4:00-5:30pm

Port of Oakland—540 Water Street

We will come together at the Port Commissioners meeting to, once again, tell the stories of the non-union food service workers at the Oakland Airport.

Union and non-union workers are standing together.  Come join us in the fight for justice.

Update on the Campaign

Non-union food service workers at the Oakland Airport continue to seek a fair process to decide if they want to form a union.  They have called for a boycott of their shops, and have participated in several rallies over the past few months to bring attention to injustices and retaliatory firings.  Workers have filed grievances with all levels of government, and met directly with Port Commissioners to stress the urgency of the situation.

At the same time, UNITE HERE Local 2850 members working in food and retail service at the Oakland Airport have been in ongoing contract negotiations with HMS Host.  Host has proposed a number of takeaways already.  On November 12, workers voted 134-0 to authorize a strike if necessary to win a fair contract.

Janitors and clerical workers represented by SEIU Local 1021 were in their own contract fight for a long time at the Port of Oakland.  Our members have stood with them in solidarity, and this past week the workers represented by SEIU won a fair contract.

Union and non-union workers are standing together to fight for a better future at the Oakland Airport.   These fights are about ensuring that jobs at the Airport are secure, good quality jobs, and that Airport workers are treated with respect and dignity.

Si se puede!

UNITE HERE! Local 2850

Airport Leader Fired! Rally on Friday

11 am – 1:30 pm
Oakland Airport Terminal 2

Joseph Cook, the owner of Jamba Juice at the Oakland Airport, fired union supporter Danielle Ramsey and disciplined one of her co-workers, Mesha Adams, earlier this month in what workers believe is a continuing pattern of antagonism towards them for standing up for their rights at work. Tell Oakland Airport Jamba Juice Owner Joseph Cook that we stand with Danielle!


1) Call Joseph Cook at Centennial Management Corporation, 707-642-7562.

Mr. Cook does not have a direct extension, so please speak with Office Manager Kathy Madison at extension 303 and ask her to convey your message.

Sample call script: Hi, Ms. Madison. My name is ______ and I am calling from _______ for Joseph Cook. I wanted to voice my alarm at the recent actions Mr. Cook has taken against his workers at the Oakland Airport Jamba Juice, and to express my ongoing support for Danielle Ramsey, Mesha Adams and their co-workers. I will be honoring the boycott the workers have called for, until Mr. Cook gives Danielle her job back and agrees to a fair process for his workers to decide whether they want a union. The Oakland community will not stand idly by and watch as Mr. Cook undermines our core values of dignity and respect on the job. I’m urging Mr. Cook to do what’s right for his workers and Oakland.

Please email us at: [email protected] to let us know if you make a call. Thanks!
2) March with Danielle and her co-workers on Friday Oct 26th from 11am to 1:30pm at Oakland International Airport Terminal 2 to educate the community about the retaliation and demand justice for Danielle and other fired workers now!

See the Facebook event.
3) Sign the Boycott Pledge if you haven’t already


On June 27th 2012, non-union concession workers at the Oakland Airport, including Danielle, several of her Jamba Juice co-workers, and workers from the other non-union concessions locations in the Airport, announced to their employers that they were seeking a fair process to decide whether to join a union. Around the same time, Danielle and Mesha filed charges against Jamba Juice for violations of the Oakland living wage ordinance. Since then workers have continued to seek a fair process to decide whether to have a union and have called on consumers to boycott the non-union concessions locations at the airport, including Jamba Juice.

Since Jamba Juice workers stood up for themselves, Jamba Juice has mounted an aggressive campaign toward its workers. Jamba Juice has sought security sanctions against workers who initially raised the issues in June, disciplined or fired workers, cut hours, and required workers to sit through anti-union captive audience meetings.

Stand with Danielle, Mesha and the rest of their Jamba Juice co-workers and tell Jamba Juice owners and management that Oakland won’t stand for these unjust practices. We hope to see you on Friday Oct 26th, from 11-1:30pm at the Oakland Airport Terminal 2 for an Action for Justice!

The lockout is OVER!

It was a long time coming, but Castlewood workers were back on the job Tuesday, October 16.  Thanks to everyone who came out to congratulate the workers, and to remind the club that the fight isn’t over.  The workers still need a fair contract and a settlement on back wages, but we should proud of the hard work it took to get to this point.

Check out our facebook page for some pictures of the first day back at work.

Thanks again,

Unite HERE Local 2850

BIG NEWS from Castlewood!

Brothers and sisters,

On February 25, 2010, Castlewood Country Club workers were locked out. On October 16, 2012 – two years, seven months, and 21 days later – they will return to work.

We want to thank everyone who stood by the workers throughout a long, hard campaign – who marched across Pleasanton, brought Mother’s Day flowers for hunger strikers, donated to the hardship fund, spent 12 hours in Santa Rita, and so much more. Without your support, we could never have achieved this victory.

And workers still need your support today. Although the lockout is ending, the fight for justice at Castlewood continues. We have not (yet!) reached an agreement on a new contract or on back wages for locked-out workers.

For now, workers will go back under the terms of their old contract, which provides strong seniority protections and affordable family health care. (See below for more detail on the status of the legal case and the negotiations.) The boycott of Castlewood will stay in effect until a full settlement is reached.

“I’ve been praying for this day to arrive,” said Castlewood janitor Maria Munoz. “I feel really happy now, and thankful to all the people and organizations and churches and bands who have come out to support us. And most of all thankful for my co-workers, who were always out there looking out for each other – I feel lucky that they’ve become like family to me.”

The end of the lockout is a tremendous step forward for this campaign and a historic victory for all working people. We invite you to celebrate with us – and to show Castlewood that we’ll stand with the workers in this new phase of their struggle.

Join us for coffee and donuts at 6:15 am on Tuesday, October 16 at Castlewood, and show the workers some love on their way in to their first day back at work!

UNITE HERE Local 2850


On August 17, 2012, Administrative Law Judge Clifford Anderson of the National Labor Relations Board found that Castlewood had maintained an unlawful lockout for two years (see here for more detail).

In the wake of that decision, we met with locked-out workers to discuss their vision for a new contract. We also did a comprehensive survey of workers’ earnings during the lockout. Based on our findings, we estimated that Castlewood owes about $1.8 million in back wages and health care payments. (See here for more on how back wages are calculated).

We then held a series of meetings with Castlewood to discuss potential settlement. While the details of those discussions remain confidential, generally speaking we offered a fair settlement proposal that would resolve the contract negotiations and the NLRB case, cost the Club far less than $1.8 million above its contract proposal, and most importantly bring about labor peace.

So we were puzzled by Castlewood’s decision not to accept this proposal and settle the dispute entirely. However, we welcome the end of the lockout as an important step toward resolution.

Since there has been no overall settlement, Castlewood could still ask for a review of Judge Anderson’s decision from the NLRB in Washington. If the Club does this, workers will be back on the job, under the terms of a good contract, while the legal process goes forward.

We have another meeting with Castlewood scheduled for late October, and we’ll continue to negotiate toward a good contract and a fair resolution on the back wages.

In the meantime, the fight for justice at Castlewood isn’t over. Until we resolve the contract and the back wages, the boycott will continue – so we urge our friends in the community to refuse to patronize Castlewood, and to help spread the word about the ongoing boycott.

We’ll also continue to hold actions at Castlewood. We’d love to see you out on the picket line!

Bay Guardian: Country Club workers plan picket after step towards victory

Workers at Castlewood Country Club in Pleasanton, represented by UNITE HERE Local 2850, received a favorable decision from Administrative Law Judge Clifford Anderson of the National Labor Relations Board on Monday. He found that the club owes all 61 union workers two years of back pay– and their jobs back.

“For the workers it feels like a relief to be believed in some way,” said Local 2850 organizer Sarah Norr. “The workers have been saying for two years that Castlewood was not really trying to reach a compromise.”

The food service workers and janitors of Local 2850 at Castlewood haven’t worked in two years. Instead, they picket the club and march. But they’re not on strike– they would love to go back to work. They’re on lockout.

In Feb. 2010, the club tried to hike up their health care costs, significantly increase the hours per week that would be considered full-time, and cut pay. After heated negotiations, the club refused to allow workers to return to their jobs and hired non-union replacements. Read the full article.