Vote Trainings Invitation for Friday

Oakland Measure Z passed!

We are so proud and excited that Oakland voters passed Measure Z, 75% to 25%. Measure Z will protect hotel housekeepers from sexual assault and threats on the job, establish a living wage and humane workload limits, and improve labor standards enforcement for ALL workers in Oakland. Thank you to our partners in this campaign, East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy, and to all or supporters.

Congratulations also to UNITE HERE Local 11 and Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy for passing Measure WW in Long Beach!

Check out our very own Irma Perez and Wei-Ling Huber in this Telemundo story!

Oakland Measure Z could raise minimum wage, bring harassment protections to hotel workers

Listen to our very own Blanca Smith explain why every Oakland voter should vote yes on Measure Z. And she’s walking the picket line at the Oakland Marriott City Center while she’s at it!

Hotel employee Blanca Smith joins the picket line outside the Oakland Marriott.

Local 2850 Endorsements – November 2016

We’ve all heard a lot about the presidential election – but there are crucial races here in our own cities. Here are Local 2850’s endorsements for candidates and ballot measures that will protect good jobs and affordable housing in the Bay Area.


At large: Rebecca Kaplan
District 1: Dan Kalb

District 3: Lynnette McElhaney
District 5: Noel Gallo
Yes on Measure JJ — renter protection
Mayor: Kriss Worthington and Jesse Arreguin (ranked choice, in either order)
District 3: Ben Bartlett
City Council (at-large, vote for all 3)
John Bauters
Ally Medina
Christian Patz
San Leandro
District 2: Bryan Azevedo
City Council at-large: Malia Vella

City Council (at-large, vote for both)
Melvin Willis
Ben Choi
Yes on Measure L — rent control and just cause eviction protections
City Council (at-large, vote for both)
Edi Birsan
Pablo Benavente
City Council at-large: Bill Wolpert
City Council (at-large, vote for both)
Scott Sedgley
Mary Luros

San Pablo Casino negotiations: 11/30/15

Topics will include: Raises and Health Insurance
Monday November 30, 12:00 noon
Casino Building 101

Graton Casino Resort workers in Sonoma just won a great new contract with UNITE HERE! Highlights of their contract include:
*Healthcare: Single $0,   Single plus 1  $ 20,  Family  $40
*Graton Casino agreed to match any increases to CA minimum wage
*Sample of some October 1, 2015 pay rates at Graton:
-IM (Housekeeping at San Pablo): $14.80
-Steward/ (Utility at San Pablo): $14.80
-Cook Team Dining Room: $18.60
-Host: $17.85
-GSA/Gaming floor person: $14.90
Plus, Graton workers got a signing bonus of $0.25 per hour worked for the last 12 month period prior to contract ratification!

Important Announcement for Oakland Marriott Workers

Dear Union Member:
As of midnight, April 30th, Interstate-Rim Management Company, LLC (“Interstate-Rim”) will no longer be manager of the Marriott Oakland.  Consequently, your employment with Interstate-Rim will end at 11:59 PM April 30, 2015.  In the event these dates change we will advise you.
The current owners in consultation with your union, UNITE HERE 2850, have requested that Interstate-Rim transfer your accrued but unused Sick and Hospitalization time to your new employer.  Also, the union and Interstate-Rim have agreed to allow you to roll over unused vacation to the new employer or to elect a payout of that vacation.  If you agree to have your unused Vacation time roll-over to the new employer, please complete a form (available from HR at the Marriott) acknowledging this process.  If you do not agree, check the box “I would prefer to have my Unused Vacation paid out to me”.  If you choose this option, a check will be mailed to your home address by May 8, 2015.  All elections must be received by end of day, Tuesday, April 28th or your election will default to rolling over your unused vacation to the new employer.
If you have any questions, please contact your union representative or manager.