The Town Hella Needs a Raise!!

On March 27, hundreds of East Bay hotel, restaurant and stadium workers – and allies from the community – took it to the streets of downtown Oakland! Workers called for fair contracts, a higher minimum wage and good jobs that pay what their families need to survive and thrive in the Bay Area in 2014!

“I work at the Oakland Airport, and we’re in a hard fight to keep our families out of poverty, but we’re not fighting alone. We’ve been joining up with Walmart workers, fast food workers, and everyone else who is struggling to pay their rent in the Bay Area. Now we’re going out on the streets in downtown Oakland to show the whole city how strong we are when we’re together!” said Nancy Moncada, retail clerk at the Oakland Airport.

“I believe that it is really important for all of us to come together on March 27th, because when my co-workers from the Coliseum unite with hotel and airport workers we have real strength. We did this five years ago, and we won good contracts, now is the time to make this action even bigger,” said Johnny Stake, a longtime Oakland resident and Coliseum stand worker.


THIS SATURDAY (December 21)!




200 Oakland Airport fast food and retail workers will walk off the job THIS SATURDAY, December 21st. Workers are making the tough decision to strike during the holidays to protest Unfair Labor Practices by their employer, Host International – including regressive bargaining proposals that would plunge many workers’ families into poverty.

“Our contract’s been expired for a year and a half, and we have been very, very patient. But we can’t come to an agreement if Host keeps making its offers worse. We hope this strike will be a wake-up call to Host. We work really hard, for low wages, to serve the passengers. The least Host could do is respect us enough to negotiate with us in good faith,” said retail clerk Diane Natali.

Host’s current proposal is much worse than the one on the table a year ago. It would gut the workers’ contract: drastically reducing vacation and sick days; eliminating pensions, paid meal breaks, and even overtime pay on shifts longer than eight hours; cutting pay for new hires and freezing longtime workers’ wages for five years; and removing workers from the union’s affordable health insurance plan. Under the proposal, Kaiser health coverage for a family would cost $899 a month – an extreme burden for low-wage workers (retail clerks earn between $9.75 and $12.64 an hour).

UNITE HERE Local 2850 has filed Unfair Labor Practice charges against Host for bad faith bargaining – and for spying on and threatening workers during a demonstration in August.

It isn’t easy to lose pay during the holidays, but workers are ready to make the sacrifice in hopes of bringing Host to the table to negotiate in good faith.

“I’d rather be working to give my kids a good Christmas. But Host is giving us worse and worse proposals – I can’t take care of my family on what they’re offering now, and I don’t want to see my kids grow up in poverty. So I’m striking now to protect their future,” said warehouse clerk Nestor Cristobal.

The airport employees are part of a growing national movement of low-wage workers fighting for living wages and work with dignity. At Thanksgiving, the workers joined WalMart and fast food workers in a coordinated week of action calling for better pay and respect on the job.

Note: the duration of the strike has not been announced yet – for now, plan on coming out Saturday! For questions or rides, contact Sarah Norr at 510-502-5344 or [email protected].

11/27: ALL DAY at the Oakland Airport!

Wednesday, November 27
Leafleting ALL DAY: 6 am – 7 pm
Mobilizations at 7 am, noon, and 5 pm


Part of the ReFund Oakland Coalition’s Week of Action: A Hand Up for Workers, not Handouts for Corporations!

In the old days, workers were thankful to have a good union job in food service at the Oakland Airport. But now their employer, HMS Host, is going backwards in negotiations and proposing a contract would plunge many of the workers’ families into poverty. The proposal would slash vacation and sick days; eliminate pensions, paid meal breaks, and even overtime pay on shifts longer than eight hours; cut pay for new hires and freeze longtime workers’ wages for five years; and take away workers’ affordable health insurance plan.

“Host is going so far backwards in bargaining that now they say they want to charge me $899 a month for Kaiser for my family. I only make $12.64 an hour – if I pay that much for health care, how can I pay rent in the Bay Area?” said Monica Guzman, who’s been a retail clerk at the airport for 21 years.

On the day before Thanksgiving – the busiest travel day of the year – join the workers for a daylong action at the Oakland Airport. Mobilizations and picketing are at 7 am, 12 noon, and 5 pm – or come by and help leaflet any time. For questions or rides, contact Sarah Norr at [email protected] or 510-502-5344.

(Last Thursday, the airport workers announced plans to go on strike sometime during this holiday season to protest Host’s Unfair Labor Practices. The strike date has not yet been announced.)

Airport workers are part of a growing national movement of low-wage workers standing up for their rights! This action is part of a Week of Action sponsored by the ReFund & ReBuild Oakland Community-Labor Coalition (ACCE, EBASE, the East Bay Organizing Committee, UNITE-HERE Local 2850, OUR WALMART, SEIU 1021, & SEIU ULTCW).

Also on Wednesday the 27th, join our friends at OURWalmart for a community action calling for reinstatement for fired strikers, respect at Walmart, a $25,000 a year salary and full-time hours. 9 am at 44009 Osgood Road, Fremont. Spend your whole day standing up for worker justice!

3/15: Rally for Justice at OAK!

Rally for Justice at OAK!


Friday, March 15, 11am – 1:30pm


Oakland International Airport

Since June 2012, non-union food service workers at the Oakland Airport have been demanding a fair process to decide whether to form a union. They have since called for a boycott of their shops, and participated in multiple rallies over the past seven months to highlight injustices and retaliatory firings.

Come stand with workers as they continue their fight for justice! We will be inside the terminals near baggage claim, as well as outside Terminal 2.

RSVP at our Facebook event.

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign the boycott pledge.

Oakland Airport Workers Ready to Strike!

Oakland Airport Workers Ready to Strike!

Help us Make Picket Signs!

Tuesday, December 18, 6:00 – 8:00PM

ILWU Local 6 Union Hall, 99 Hegenberger Rd

Oakland Airport concessions workers have given HMS Host until the end of the day on Thursday, December 20 to come to a fair agreement in contract negotiations. Otherwise, Host workers will be ready to strike beginning on Friday.

So far in contract talks, HMS Host has proposed several significant takeaways.  These include having the employees pay for all increases in the cost for family medical coverage,  eliminating employees’ paid meal breaks, and freezing employees’ wages for the length of the contract.

We can’t tell you in advance the exact day workers may be going on strike. However, we will be able to tell you on the day of through email and Facebook. You can also pay attention to the news to hear about what is happening.

We will be holding a 12 noon rally as well as a 6pm rally outside the airport any day that workers are on strike. We need members of the community to show solidarity with the workers!

Thank you to all who have been out to our rallies and stood with the workers in their struggle for justice.  We hope you and your family enjoy the holiday season.

And of course, if we’re on strike when you fly through Oakland Airport, please avoid any struck shops and patronize Andale and Firewood instead – both have current contracts covering their employees.

Rally this Thursday at Port of Oakland!

THIS THURSDAY!  Rally and Speak-Out

December 6, 4:00-5:30pm

Port of Oakland—540 Water Street

We will come together at the Port Commissioners meeting to, once again, tell the stories of the non-union food service workers at the Oakland Airport.

Union and non-union workers are standing together.  Come join us in the fight for justice.

Update on the Campaign

Non-union food service workers at the Oakland Airport continue to seek a fair process to decide if they want to form a union.  They have called for a boycott of their shops, and have participated in several rallies over the past few months to bring attention to injustices and retaliatory firings.  Workers have filed grievances with all levels of government, and met directly with Port Commissioners to stress the urgency of the situation.

At the same time, UNITE HERE Local 2850 members working in food and retail service at the Oakland Airport have been in ongoing contract negotiations with HMS Host.  Host has proposed a number of takeaways already.  On November 12, workers voted 134-0 to authorize a strike if necessary to win a fair contract.

Janitors and clerical workers represented by SEIU Local 1021 were in their own contract fight for a long time at the Port of Oakland.  Our members have stood with them in solidarity, and this past week the workers represented by SEIU won a fair contract.

Union and non-union workers are standing together to fight for a better future at the Oakland Airport.   These fights are about ensuring that jobs at the Airport are secure, good quality jobs, and that Airport workers are treated with respect and dignity.

Si se puede!

UNITE HERE! Local 2850