The Town Hella Needs a Raise!!

On March 27, hundreds of East Bay hotel, restaurant and stadium workers – and allies from the community – took it to the streets of downtown Oakland! Workers called for fair contracts, a higher minimum wage and good jobs that pay what their families need to survive and thrive in the Bay Area in 2014!

“I work at the Oakland Airport, and we’re in a hard fight to keep our families out of poverty, but we’re not fighting alone. We’ve been joining up with Walmart workers, fast food workers, and everyone else who is struggling to pay their rent in the Bay Area. Now we’re going out on the streets in downtown Oakland to show the whole city how strong we are when we’re together!” said Nancy Moncada, retail clerk at the Oakland Airport.

“I believe that it is really important for all of us to come together on March 27th, because when my co-workers from the Coliseum unite with hotel and airport workers we have real strength. We did this five years ago, and we won good contracts, now is the time to make this action even bigger,” said Johnny Stake, a longtime Oakland resident and Coliseum stand worker.