Non-Union Airport Workers to STRIKE!

Strike Build-Up Actions at Oakland Airport Terminal 2:
Friday, 7/5: 11:30 am -1:30 pm.
Sunday, 7/14: 7 am, noon, 5 pm.

It’s going to be a hot summer: as East Bay public workers struggle for justice on the job, non-union workers at Oakland Airport fast food restaurants are preparing to strike!

“My bosses cut my hours to punish me for trying to form a union. They fired my co-worker for organizing, and they still haven’t brought her back to work. I’m tired of waiting for justice – I’m ready to fight!” said Oakland Airport Subway cashier Hayat Selmani.

A year ago, airport fast food workers launched a public campaign for better jobs – including a fair process to decide whether to form a union. Some workers have faced serious retaliation: the National Labor Relations Board just charged two OAK restaurants with breaking labor laws and firing workers who spoke out. And the Port of Oakland found that these same employers violated the living wage and fired workers who complained about it. But so far, the employers haven’t faced real consequences.

Now the workers are taking action to protest their bosses’ unfair labor practices. At Thursday’s Port Commission meeting, workers announced a strike deadline of July 11th. While the strike date itself was not announced, workers are calling for a picket on Friday, July 5th, and a full day of action on Sunday, July 14th.

It takes a lot of courage for non-union, low-wage workers to go on strike – especially when their co-workers have been fired for organizing. The workers are ready, but they need your support! Please join us on the 5th and 14th and support these courageous worker leaders!