2/25/12: 2 Years in the Streets – Fighting for the 99%!

We work at a playground for millionaires. Two years ago, they threw us out on the street because we wouldn’t give up affordable health insurance for our families.

We’re fighting for health care for our children.

We’re fighting for work with dignity.

We’re fighting to show the 1% that we are human beings.

We’re fighting for you.


* * *

SATURDAY, February 25th, 2012
9:30 am
Meet at the corner of Bernal Ave and Main St, Pleasanton. March to Castlewood.

* * *
PLEASE RSVP and invite friends – this is going to to be one of our biggest actions ever. Please let us know if workers can make a presentation at your school, union, community group, GA or encampment! For questions or rides, contact Matt at [email protected] or 510-239-3472.