Holiday Inn Concord: New Name, Same Grinch Tactics

Workers sing carols; ask hotel to show holiday spirit by restoring health benefits.

When: Thursday December 16, 4:45pm- 6:15pm.

Where: Holiday Inn Concord, 1050 Burnett Ave Concord CA.

What: Holiday Inn Concord workers sing carols for justice, calling on the hotel to show compassion over the holidays by restoring affordable health benefits for workers’ families.

“Even though our hotel’s name is changing to Red Lion, the managers are still the same Grinches who took away our families’ affordable health insurance. Whatever they call themselves, the whole community will keep boycotting them till they give back our health care,” said Brian King, Holiday Inn Concord server.

Visuals: Workers singing holiday carols for justice at the front door of the hotel, 8-foot Grinch puppet, holiday food and beverages.
Background: In late December 2010, the Holiday Inn Concord will change franchises and become the Red Lion Hotel Concord. The owners and management company, Elite Concord LLC, remain the same. Elite Concord been embroiled in a long dispute with its union workers, who are members of UNITE HERE Local 2850.

In July 2009, management imposed its “Last and Final” proposal on workers, placing healthcare costs for families at over $730/ month. Holiday Inn Concord workers called for a boycott of their own hotel in March of 2009. The boycott will remain in effect, regardless of the name change, for as long as workers continue to fight for a fair contract and affordable medical benefits. Workers hold regular pickets early in the morning and in the evenings outside the hotel and contact clients to let them know how the hotel has put health care out of reach for their families.

Contact: Lian Alan, 510-219-6491- [email protected]