We Fly for Justice at OAK!

Non-union food service workers at Oakland International Airport are rising up! They are demanding that their employers respect their rights and agree to a fair process for workers to decide whether to join a union.

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Hakima Arhab
I was fired from the Oakland Airport Subway after I spoke out for my rights.
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Mary Ann Espinoza
I’m afraid to let my boys play sports at school – because they might get injured, and I couldn’t afford a doctor.
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Rehnaaz Nisha
My friends at the non-union restaurants in the airport work just as hard as I do, but they’re not being treated equally.
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When we win, I’ll be able to take my wife to San Francisco, which I’ve never done. I’ll be able give my kids regular check-ups, but also take them to the park, take them fishing.
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Rachel Penelton
The workers in the non-union food service jobs, we’re from middle class homes, low-income, black, white, Polynesian, everything. What we have in common is we’re getting shafted!
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Re Bun Ly
After four years, I still make just $9 an hour at the Oakland Airport See’s – and I have $16,000 in medical debt because I needed surgery and I have no insurance.
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Mesha Adams
My dream is to be a doctor and give back to my community – but financial aid keeps getting cut. I can’t afford rent and tuition on what I make.
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